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About Us


CMS Shipping provides the most complete portfolio of moving services for private, corporate and diplomatic relocations from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in the world.

CMS Shipping understands the true meaning of worldwide door-to-door relocations. For many years we have focused on implementing new ideas and work ethics to better serve and guide our clients every step of the way.

Our state of the art packing solutions can assure you a safe and secure transit of your belongings no matter what part of the world they are being shipped to.

Trust our 20 years of international moving knowledge in order to have a pleasant and headache free moving experience.


Our Mission

Our mission statement is simplicity itself. To provide the ultimate and most personalized customer service available, whether you are moving across the border or across the globe; we at CMS Shipping understand your needs and we are determined to make the seemingly impossible become possible.

But how we do it is far from simple. Our team of professionals is totally committed to provide you a service that far exceeds your expectations. We put forward a tremendous extra effort everyday to give this level and quality of service and we are always striving to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions in the industry by utilizing state of the art technologies, highly trained friendly and experience staff as well as a solid infrastructure.

Our most critical mission is to provide a competitive advantage to our clients by producing a reliable and personalized logistical support system that is consistently and dependable one hundred percent of the time all the time.

Honesty is the foundation of our company and our commitment to you.



Paco Steindl
President, CEO